How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Follow the below steps to unlock your Mobily 4G LTE Router QDC.

Phase I:

Step 1: Remove the sim card from the router, switch it on and reset it.

Step 2:  Download the files given here.

Once the files are downloaded proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Open your web browser and navigate to

If it asks for the password, leave it blank and click on the submit button.

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Step 4: Check the Firmware version(if it is the updated one, downgrade it)

Step 5: Downgrade the Firmware 

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Select firmware version 1.02.32 download earlier and choose update. Wait for the process to complete. Your router may restart to apply the new settings

Phase II:

Step 6: Update the LTE Module

Click on the LTE Module upgrade and browse for the  LTE file ending with M0.02 downloaded earlier and click on LTE UPDATE button as shown in the snapshot below.

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Phase III:

Step 7: It is time to change the Adv. Setting now

Vendor Profile: no profile unlock – MCC/MNC: 0/00-Test
SIM Lock: Deselect this option
Allow OP List: Type 42003, 42075
Check Firmware info time: 2-3
Firwareinfo URL:

Click Apply changes after making all these changes.

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Phase IV:

Step 8: Click on the AT Command

It is a very important step to disable the SIM security as shown in the pic below.

Mobily 4G QDC unlock

Step 9:  Now it is the time to upgrade the router with the firmware version 1.02.33 downloaded earlier.

Phase V:

Step 10: Change the settings (LTE/UMTS)
Make the necessary changes according to your ISP (like APN or Dial No).  Alternatively, you can change ‘always connected to Auto traffic triggered’ as shown in the pictures below and leave APN ‘blank’ (Don’t type anything).

How to unlock mobily 4G LTE Router (QDC Model)

Apply changes and then restart the router. Your router is unlocked. 

Note: If the router is stuck in the restart loop, follow the instructions given here.


    • Kindly follow the instructions given on the page. The unlock is free for this model.
      If you want us to do this remotely, you will have to pay 10 USD.

  1. Dear
    After finished phase 1 the router on and off led flashing and steady for 5 seconds only. After removing the ship inside it work fine but unable to update the LTE.

  2. hi……….
    not show network
    i am fisrt update firmwere and my router boot but not show wifi network
    how to solution please…………………………………

    • Dismantle, Disconnect the sim module from the board and redo all the steps. After completeing all steps connect the module.

  3. I have followed the steps till last step and router is unlocked but the sim is not connected
    it shows the sim network and details correctly and shows the available network as STC . but not able to connect

  4. Sir i face a problem when i upgrade . its auto restart again and again . not optain ip add what should i do ?

  5. I instal first step its blink signal and power lite again and again and not obtain ip adres . Thn i push reset button and thn power on its show a path to upload new file i upload incidentally lte file now its not show any path is it work again if i remove lte module ? where is lte module how i remove can u plz share picture .

    • We don’t have this router right now. Once it is available we will share. If you can email us the picture of your router circuit board, we will mark the module for you.

  6. MY router is Mobily 4g connect router WL-TFQQ-124GN is please tell me how to unlock it for all network sims.

  7. Sir,
    can you please help me to unlock Mobily 4G Connect Router Modem QDL Model
    any software that cann help please send me link for software

  8. can any one help me to unlock qdc router.all step or done like showing in this post.but no network signal.and i did not have this option in setting.

    • For signals, check the sim in insert properly and try by manually setting the APN.
      Regarding bands, there is no option.

  9. Do you by any chance have the 1.02.34 (2013) Firmware?
    I want everything back to normal. I did this but I didn’t know it will only have 3G. I’m okay with Mobily sim only but at least I get 4G like before :’)

    • If you want to relock it you can update with the first file again. And in this unlocked version also Mobily should work 4G.
      We don’t have 1.02.34 version.

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