Unlock Huawei E5577s-321 Viva Bahrain

After the success of e5373, Viva Operator of Bahrain has recently launched Huawei E5577. The complete model is Huawei E5577s-321 and it carries a firmware version We are aware of the fact that the all the previous models sold by VIVA were locked to their network only, and the same is applicable to this model also.  So, to use the SIM from other operators it has to be unlocked. The process to unlock E5577s-321 is so easy that after reading this post you will definitely want to unlock your router. So without any delay, let us start the process to unlock Huawei E5577s-321.

Unlock Huawei E5577s-321 Viva Bahrain

To unlock Huawei E5577s -321 Viva Bahrain you need to download the files given below:

  1. Download Huawei Drivers
  2. DC-unlocker for running the commands(You may use other terminal application also)
  3. Firmware-1: Huawei E5577s-321 Version
  4. Firmware-2: Huawei E5577s-321 Version

Steps to unlock Huawei E5577s-321 Viva mobile WiFi router:-

Once all the files are downloaded, proceed to the phase I of this tutorial followed by Phase 2.

Phase I:

  1. To begin with, Install latest Huawei mobile partner downloaded earlier. With my experience, I can say that 90% of people fail to install the proper drivers. So this is really a very crucial step and there should not be any device in your device manager with the missing driver especially HUAWEI_DEVICE.
  2. It is recommended to restart the PC after installing drivers for the smooth functioning.
  3. Once the drivers are installed, it is the time to connect the router to the PC. I will recommend using the USB cable, not the WIFI.
  4. Close any web page which is opened automatically after connecting the E5577s-321 router and disconnect the active internet connection, if any.
  5. The next step is to run firmware file E5577s-321 downloaded in the beginning.
  6. You will be asked to enter a password which can be generated from here.
  7. Enter the password, click OK and wait till installation is finished. Note: After installing this firmware, your device will switch to FTM/MMI mode and will not be 100% functional.

Phase II:

  1. If you can see FTM/MMI Ready on the screen, Run DC-unlocker as administrator and click on the search icon to display the details of your Huawei E5577s-321 Viva router.
  2. Once the device is detected, move your cursor to the end and type the command AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 and press enter.

Unlock Huawei E5577s-321 Viva Bahrain

As a result, you will receive a lot of hexadecimal numbers. Copy all these numbers and paste into the comment section to get your unlock code. 

Phase III:

  1. Once you have received the unlock code, run the second firmware E5577s-321 If it asks for a password, use the same password generated earlier.
  2. After the second firmware is installed, switch off the router and insert non-compatible SIM in the E5577s-321 router and switch it on.
  3. Open web browser, type in it and press enter, you will be directed to the unlocking page and will have an option to enter the unlock code.
  4. Enter the unlock code which you received from us. Your router may restart to apply the new settings. After the restart, you will have your router unlocked, which now can be used with any network SIM.

If you don’t like the interface provided by the service provider with their logo, you can replace it very easily by changing it to universal Web UI. If you are having problems in adding APN or you are not able to connect to the internet after the unlock then you will have to change the web UI.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


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