Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Huawei E5372ts-601 is one the powerful and compact LTE mobile wifi router, providing a download speed of up to 150mbps and battery backup of 6 to 8 hours. The E5372 router simultaneously supports connecting 11 devices at the same time. Huawei e5372 is sold by different providers in different countries in locked form. Bolt Indonesia is selling the same router and there is already a post on how to unlock that(You can find it here). In Saudi Arabia, Zain has launched e5372 (Unlock instructions here). STC is also selling e5372ts-601 which has a customized firmware and cannot be unlocked by simply changing the firmware. To unlock STC e5372ts-601 you have to carefully follow the procedure given below.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Detailed Instructions on how to Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G HUAWEI Router

Phase I:

Download  STC E5372 Unlocking App and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter). You will get the login successful message as given below.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

After Login, Connect the router to the PC/laptop. Click on Auto Detect Device, your device information will get displayed.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Choose “Download Mode” option and click submit. It will ask for the APP unlock code, Enter the exact code which you have got from us and click OK.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Your device will switch to download mode and will display Huawei Logo on the screen.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G Huawei Router

Please check the device manager and at this stage, it should show two COM ports.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G HUAWEI Router

Choose Prepare Device and click submit. Soon, you will get the message “Device Ready to install Firmware”.

Unlock STC E5372ts-601 4G HUAWEI Router

Phase II:

Wait for the STC 5372 router to show Huawei on the display screen. If it is being shown, Disconnect the USB cable, remove the battery and put it back, switch the router ON and wait for one minute. Download the firmware from here. Run the firmware, if it asks for the Flash Code generate it from here. If you get error while installing firmware then restart router and run the firmware file again.

Very Important: After the firmware installation, the device screen will not function properly. No worry, here is the fix. Just download and install universal web UI from here.

After the installation is over, insert any non-compatible SIM and open your favorite web browser and navigate to, it will ask for the unlock code, enter the unlock code received from us to get your router unlocked forever.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. Thanks a lot for this article.. i was finally able to unlock my STC – E5372T router
    Thanks a lot!!! May Allah bless you.


  3. aslam o alikum sir, sir i want to unlock stc wifi but Huawei flasher canot be connect device what we do 10 time code is finsh
    Model : Huawei E5372 / MegaFon MR100-3
    IMEI : 867013021XXXXXX
    Serial NR. : P9HBY15603009782
    Firmware :
    Hardware ver. : CL1E5372TSM02
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_13.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card lock)

  4. Yeah! I’m not the one who entered 10 wrong code. I just want to enter the code it for myself because I have one but its zero. That’s why I’m asking even if it is zero, is it posible to unlocked using these steps and the APP unlocked code you will give.

  5. Hello,
    I need the unlock code, but why is it expensive for a code?
    I really need it and I can’t pay I don’t have visa card.

  6. Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5372T
    IMEI : 862554022XXXXXX
    Firmware :
    WebUI : WEBUI_13.

  7. hello during install update in phase II Below erorr appear to me & screen stop Work Please advise
    erorr Code:21, Failed to restore user information

  8. device cannot coonect to browser via
    already i sucsee to update and download firmware but cannot link in browser and wifi password not accept
    only have sim lock on screen

  9. Hello Admin is this work to model E5372ts-22 mobily? i got unlocked my firmware but still i got 3G Network on my STC sim. but on my Mobily sim its give a 4G network. please help.

  10. Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5372T
    IMEI : 352554021727342
    Serial : P9HBY14B11008850
    Firmware :
    WebUI : WEBUI_13.
    Lock Status : 3


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