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Unlock T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717 Mobile Hotspot

The T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717 is a portable Mobile Hotspot device that is based on 4G LTE technology. It supports high-speed internet and can connect up to 15 devices simultaneously. Franklin R717 is sold by T-Mobile in locked form, so to use it with any other sim card you have to unlock it. We are glad to inform you that your T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717 locked to T-Mobile can now be easily unlocked by following the instructions provided below.

T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717

Instructions to unlock T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717 Mobile Hotspot :

  1. Turn OFF your R717 Franklin Mobile Hotspot and insert unsupported SIM in it.
  2. After inserting the SIM, switch it ON and connect it to your computer.
  3. Open the web browser, click on the address bar, type and press enter from the keyboard. Because the router is locked to T-Mobile, it will display the message “Invalid SIM”. Click on OK button.
  4. Click on Login link given on right hand side. It should ask for the password. Enter admin in the password field and click on login button.
  5. If it ask to change the password, then kindly change it to something new like admin123 or any other password of your choice. Click save changes.
  6. Click on Settings and click on Mobile Settings. From the submenu opened, click on SIM. The SIM unlock page will open, scroll down to Carrier Unlock Section. You will find an option to enter the unlock code. Enter the exact code which we had send to get your router unlocked.
  7. Your T-Mobile T9 Franklin R717 Mobile Hotspot will restart now.
  8. Set the APN according to your new network provider. Your router is fully unlocked now.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 2 USD to get the Code. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.



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