Alcatel Y855 create new profile

Alcatel Y855 router unlocking is possible and its sub-model Y855v is available in Ghana by Surfline carrier. Alcatel Y855v comes with un-customized firmware and after changing the default SIM card with another network provider it asks for NCK code. Once correct NCK is entered, it gets unlocked. Surfline has customized its software and there is no place to enter the APN and users are unable to create a profile after unlocking the device. This post is for those users who have unlocked the device but can’t use any another network SIM card.

  1. Download Alcatel Y855v router configuration bin file and extract it.
  2. Connect your device to the computer with USB cable and browse for
  3. Log-in into the device with the password of admin.
  4. Go to Settings > System. Under the “Configuration file management” there is an option to “Choose file”. Click “Choose file” and locate the downloaded bin file.

Alcatel Y855 create new profile

  1. Click Restore left to “Choose file”. The device will restart and it will show other networks.
  2. Again open your browser and go to
  3. Now log in to the device with password @eggbone123@.
  4. Now click on quick setup. Change the login password back to admin.
  5. Change the “SSID 2.4GHz Frequency Band” to your choice and change the “Key” to your choice.

That is all you need to do.



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