Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Huawei is selling B315 in various variants. All of its variants supports LTE and achieves a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps. Today, I am going to share the process to unlock B315s-22 and B315s-936 Router. This app will unlock the router having the latest versions and is tested up to 21.333.xx.xx.xx.

Update 1: This APP can successfully unlock B315s-22 of Smile Tanzania and B315s-22 of 3 Ireland.

Update 2: This APP can successfully unlock B315s-607 of VividWireless, Australia having firmware version 21.329.01.01.1385 or 21.327.01.00.1385 or 21.323.03.00.1385 and even other lower version.

Update 3: This APP can successfully unlock B315s-22 of MTN Ivory Coast, Cote D’Ivoire having firmware version 21.328.01.00.334 or lower.

How to unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Download and Install Drivers from here.

Instructions to unlock Huawei B315s-22 and B315s-936 4G Router:

Phase I:

  1. Install Huawei drivers and restart your computer to install the drivers completely.
  2. Disconnect all the cables from Huawei B315 router and unscrew it.
  3. After unscrewing, you will have to join the two points marked as “Point 1” and “Point 2” of your Huawei B315 router as given in the below picture. To join these two, you can solder the wire or you can use the tweezer.Unlock B315s-22 Router
  1. After you have joined these two points, plug in the USB cable and the power adapter cable also without disconnecting the points. Now check, the Device Manager of your PC should show a new device in the com port section. You can remove the shot points after the port is generated. If your device manager is not showing any COM port like the one in the picture below, you will have to repeat the steps 2 and 3. (Note: Don’t connect the LAN cable.)

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Important: If you are on windows 10, you might get the error “USB device not recognized”. If yes, Download the file given below, extract it and run it. Don’t forget to restart the computer after executing this file.

Phase II:

Download  B315s Unlocking App and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter). After entering the credentials, click login. You will get login successful message.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

After successful login, select “Apply Loader” and click on submit button. It will ask you to enter the BootLoader code. Enter the code received from us.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

After entering the code, click ok. You will get the message as given in the pic below.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Click Ok to apply the bootloader and wait for the loader installed message as given in the picture below.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

After “Loder installed successfully”, open Device Manager again and you will notice two ports now instead of one (refer the picture given below).

If you are facing driver issue refer this post.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

If you can see two ports, as shown above, choose “Flash Firmware” and click submit. Be patient and let the app do its work, as the firmware flashing will take time. It is highly recommended to close all other applications until you get the message “Flashing Completed Successfully”.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Phase III:

Once the flashing of your Huawei B315 router is finished, remove the shot wire if it was not removed earlier and remove USB cable also. Insert incompatible SIM in your Huawei B315 router and switch it ON.  Note: Don’t connect any other cable now.

Close and reopen the unlocking APP and login.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

After Successful login, connect Huawei B315s router using LAN cable and check it in the web browser whether it is loaded properly.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

It will ask you to enter unlock code. Close the web browser and choose “Unlock Router” option in the Huawei B315 unlocking APP. It will ask for a code, Enter the exact code which you have got from us and click OK and then finally submit it.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

If the code is correct you will get a code acceptance message.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Click OK, your Huawei B315 router will restart automatically to apply the new settings.

Unlock B315s-936 and B315s-22 Router

Congratulations, your router is unlocked and can be used with any SIM.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the codes. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. Thank you.. really works. follow the steps exactly. I recommend you use the software WINDOWS 7. My router unlocked.

  2. I just need to add more details as it may help others.
    My router model is Device name:
    B315s-22 and it was locked with Zain
    I successfully unlocked it by following exact steps thanks to unlockmyrouter.com
    Just note these additional details just in case you are facing any problems;
    First I used my computer with Windows 10 but it didn’t recognise my router. ( I tried two computers with windows 10 and both failed).
    Then I tried with windows 7 computer and it worked successfully.
    For opening router remove two screws at the bottom and put your nail in the gaps at side of the router and pull it separate and it will open.
    Hope this may work for everyone.

    • Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback.
      I agree with you that Windows 10 create problems in recognizing the router in bootshot mode which can be solved by executing the fix given in the below link in most of the cases.
      Windows 10 Device not recognized Fix
      After executing the file, it is mandatory to restart the computer.
      After the restart, shot the points again.

  3. Sorry for the dumb question, but most things connecting to a PC have a USB Type A plugged into PC socket, and the other end of the cable is USB Type B plug (like what connects to printer end) The B315s only has a USB Type A socket. So does a special USB TYPE A to USB TYPE A Cable have to be made up with TX and RX Swapped? Can you point me to an example of the cable used? I need to make sure I have correct cable and can see modem recognized in device manager ok before I send payment and request for loader and code.

    • Readymade male-to-male cables are available in the market, you can make your own cable also.

      Alternatively, you can solder the cable directly to the board.

      • Thank you for the quick reply, just found a local electronics supply place that has male to male cables so I’ll pick one up tomorrow.
        The B315S-607 that I have is from Vividwireless. Currently since the menu options are not accessible until after re-flashing, I cannot see what APN and other settings are currently set. Once I run through this process and re-flash the firmware, does the modem loose the original network providers settings, or does the menu options become available and the original settings are still there? The reason I ask this, is that I want to be able to test other network providers, but may want to go back to vividwireless if I don’t get better results. But If I loose the APN info, I have not been able to find what this was originally set to so I can re-instate it if required.

      • Most of the firmware have auto APN feature. If it doesn’t work in auto APN mode, you can contact your network provider and they will give you the settings. If you want to be on the safer side, you can contact them before flashing

  4. Feedback: Unlocking B315S-607 that was locked to VIVIDWIRELESS AUSTRALIA
    Ran through the instructions here, sucessfully ran the loader, and flashed the firmware.
    Inserted other suppliers SIM, and started connecting via ethernet cable. Almost got
    caught out because original IP address was but after flashing, this was changed to
    Upon looking at the modems new web pages, Lots and Lots of menu options are available that were not available in the original vividwireless firmware. The great news is that the other suppliers SIM was accepted straight away, and I did not have to run through the final step of entering code to unlock (sim) on router. So this particular router was only locked by firmware which made it not possible to access the APN/network settings. This means when another sim was put in, the APN was wrong so no internet connection could be established. Once the flash finished, no other changes / unlocking was required. The other benefit was that when I put in the original vividwireless sim, That still works, and the original APN “preconnect” gets pulled from the SIM. I also gets a full list of alternative APNs for prepaid, postpaid, and business accounts. I’ve seen a few postings on other websites where customers from vividwireless cannot get vivid to give them unlocking instructions when they close their accounts, so they are left with a $200 brick. I will be spreading the word that there is now a way to breath new life back into these otherwise unusable EX-VIVID B315S-607 routers.

  5. good morning. i need to flash my b315-22 router. so far i have ready all your instructions. but and in Zambia and dont know how i can make payments. any guidance will help. thank you

  6. Really works! already unlocked 2 models b315s-936 and b310s-22.

    Please any way to unlock e5573s-856 with counter blocked running on version: 21.328.62.00.225 ?

  7. It worked perfectly for me. A few things to note in order to avoid making mistakes at first like me. 1. Download the latest version of this app from this site. At first, I downloaded an older app which I got from a youtube video link and it didn’t work. I Downloaded it again from here and it worked. 2. You need to use an alternative method of internet connection besides the router you are trying to unlock in order to use the app.

    • Congratulation Sir.
      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
      Please download the APP from our website only. Don’t trust the APP from other sources.

      • If you have internet connection on your pc then you might have been trying to use the old app.

        Kindly download the app from the download section of our website again and try.

        If still the issue is not solved then send us the screenshots of the error meassages on our email id.

  8. After unlocking my device following all the instructions above, my device still wont accept a foreign simcard and i cant login to the devoces webui

    • After Unlock the router IP address is changed to
      So please try to access the router using this new IP address.
      Reset the router using the physical reset button given at the back side of the router.
      If you need any other technical assistance kindly email us at [email protected]

    • My computer had a blocked port but when I contacted support he was more than willing to help. He persevered with my ineptitude and eventually he cracked it. Now I can use any Sim card with the router. In fact I am using the router to comment here. Thank you for your support

  9. Hi admin I’m using Huawei b315s-22 router Zain Jordan with IMEI Number :
    867962033XXXXXX if you please send me the code .
    Thank you

  10. Hi

    Can your unlock service be done with apple computer ..?

    I want to unluck a Huawei 4G router B315s-22 from Spanish Movistar. Software version: 21.323

    Thank you

  11. Hi

    But for just the this one unlock operation I’m talking about here, will i have access to a Huawei PC with windows 10. How safe is it to work? Spanish Movistar has set a limit in their 4G-package, so the Huawei 4G router only can download max 20 MB and uploaded 0.8. But the 4G signal is for much more here at the address. Is the blocker inserted only in the router or also in the SIM card ..? Thank you Admin

    • We only assist in unlocking. If you are interested in other technical things like you have asked then you should try looking in online unlocking forums.

  12. Bonjour,
    Je possède un windows 10, et j’ai suivi avec exactitudes les instructions. Bien que dans mon gestionnaire de périphérie, j’ai eu un point d’exclamation sur un port com, tout c’est bien déroulé. voila 1 mois que je cherchais à decoder ces modems B315s-936.
    Je vous remercie.
    Un camerounais.

  13. I unlocked my B315s-936. The USB port was hide by a fence and I managed an USB mode setting by pushing both switch on top. App did a great work and unclockmyrouter too. Thanks

  14. I have a simple problem, it appears in front of me with 3 ports, and when the modem is flashed, it appears in front of me, why three ports for the port, how can that be solved?

  15. The whole process took less than one hour (include purchasing and getting the code).
    Model B315s-936
    Operator Zain (KSA)
    That was before, Now it is working with any operator 🙂

    I’ve got a driver issue with windows 10 but the fix at the link mentioned earlier in the comments solved it.

    Thanks a lot.

  16. 1. I have bricked the software of my Huawei B315s-22 Firmware 21.321.03.00.1454 whle trying to unlock it. Will your app restore it to the way it was and unlock it?


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