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Unlock E5577Cs-321 Deutsche Telekom Router

Deutsche Telekom is selling Huawei E5577Cs-321 in locked status. If your T-Mobile E5577Cs-321 has the firmware version 21.333.63.01.55 and WebUI or firmware 21.329.63.01.55 or lower then this post is for you. After going through this post you can unlock your E5577Cs-321 Deutsche Telekom router easily without going through any hassle of dismantling the router. The process which we are going to share today will unlock your router without opening the screws.

Unlock E5777Cs-321 German Telecom Router

How to unlock E5577Cs-321 Deutsche Telekom Router

Download and Install Drivers from here. If you are facing problems with driver installation follow this link.

Download  Deutsche Telekom E5577Cs-321 Unlock App and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter).

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

After successful login, Click on “Auto Detect Device”, your device information will get displayed.

Note: If you get the message connection failed or login failed, Download this file, extract and run it. It will enable the Com-Ports and will open Device Manager, check if there are two Com ports. If the ports are present, Click Login/AutoDetect. If you can’t see two ports, you have to fix the driver issue.

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

After successful detection, Choose Flash Firmware and click the submit button. It will ask you to enter a code. Type the code here, which you have received after the payment and click OK.

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

Your device will restart and the E5577Cs-321 screen will look similar to the one given below.

Unlock E5777Cs-321 German Telecom Router

Soon the firmware installation process will also start automatically.

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

Wait for the installation to finish.

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

Your E5577Cs-321 router is now unlocked and will work with any SIM card. Wait for two minutes and Restart it to apply the new settings by choosing Restart Device option and click Submit.

German Telecom E5577Cs-321

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6$ to get the Code for your Deutsche Telekom E5577Cs-321. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. Really great service. Receiving the code took less than a day, and I think it would have been even quicker if I hadn’t ordered in the late afternoon. Unlocking was really easy, small correction: There actually isn’t an “Unlock” option, the router will be unlocked right after flashing the firmware and restarting! Overall really impressive, definitely recommended

    • No, the password is not changed. It is same like earlier. If you forget the old password, then you can reset that using the reset button given at the back. The password will change back to admin.


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