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How to unlock Zain E5785lh-92a

Zain, Saudi Arabia has launched E5785lh-92a CAT 6 router which supports LTE FDD / TDD / DC-HSPA + / HSPA + / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM LTE networks. It delivers its energy through an internal battery of 3000 mAh. The SMS send and receive panel along with support for command codes added the features and features of this modem. A maximum of 16 people can use this modem via WIFI. The maximum speed of this product is 300 megabits per second, which is significant. We are glad to inform that this router can now be unlocked to use all the SIM.

Note: If the model number of your router is E5785-92c then don’t place the order as that cannot be unlocked using this method.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Update: The same App can be used to unlock the E5785 Router locked to VIVA, Bahrain.

Note: The router needs to be unscrewed for unlocking. Pay only if you can dismantle the router.

How to unlock E5785lh-92a Zain 4G Router

Download and Install Drivers from here. If you are facing problems in driver installation follow this link.

Important: If you are using windows 8 or 10, Download the file given below, extract it and run it. If you are getting the error “USB device not recognized” then also execute the file given in the below link. Don’t forget to restart the computer after executing this file.

Phase 1:

Download  Zain e5785lh-92a Unlock App and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter).

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

After login, Click on Auto Detect Device to detect the router.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Once the router is detected in the APP, Dismantle/Unscrew the Zain e5785lh-92a router and shot the points as given in the video below. E5785lh-92a

After you shot it, you will find a new com port in the device manager as shown below.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Phase 2:

Once a port is generated, choose the Apply Loader option and click Submit. You will be asked to enter the bootloader code. Enter the exact code you have received after payment and click OK.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Soon, you will get the message “Loader Installed Successfully”.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Wait for one minute and check the Device Manager again. It should show two com ports instead of one now as given in the picture below. If your device manager is not showing two ports at this stage then you might be missing appropriate drivers.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Now, It is the time to install the firmware. Choose Flash Firmware option and click submit. You will be asked to enter the code. Enter the exact code which you have received and click OK.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

You will see the installation process will start. Leave the PC now and don’t do anything else till the installation process is over.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Wait for around 10 minutes. This time may vary depending on your PC and USB port. Wait for the “Flashing Completed Successfully” message as given below.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

At this stage, the Zain e5785lh-92a display will show Huawei Logo. Wait for one minute, Select Restart Device option and click Submit.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Wait for the Zain E5785 router to restart completely. After the restart, default webpage of the router will open automatically. If it doesn’t open, try opening it manually. Once the default webpage is verified, close it and proceed to the next step in the APP.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

In the unlocking APP, Select unlock option and press Submit. Enter the code and press OK.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Your E5785 router will restart to apply the new settings. If the router has not restarted, unlock it again by repeating the last step.

How to unlock Zain e5785lh-92a

Congratulations, your router is unlocked, restart it to apply the new changes.

Optional: If you want to change the web interface, download the Huawei Universal WebUI and run the setup file. If asked for datalock, enter 0000000000000000 

The unlocking charge for a single device is 10 USD. Kindly proceed only if you are ready to pay the same. If your Router model number is E5785-92c then Don’t place the order..

The unlimited unlocking license is also available for this router. For details, kindly contact us at  [email protected]


  1. What if I unlocked this specific model Huawei E5785! Shall I find it work on 4G all the time? Because, I unlocked different Huawei models, when I tried different SIMs it worked only on 3G basis.
    I would appreciate if you confirmed the above-mentioned issue.

    • It depends on the frequency supported by the router and frequency used by the telecom operator. So it can only be confirmed by using the particular SIM. Nobody can guarantee that. If your luck favors, it will 4G but might work 3G also.

  2. Hi!
    I need unlock code for my Modem. It is locked to Zain-Saudi.
    Is it possible to unlock without unscrewing the device? as i might invalidate teh Warranty if i unscrew it.
    Model: E5785Lh-92a
    IMEI: 861721030XXXXXX

  3. Nice service! My device unlocked right now.
    Useful tips: To avoid any errors, just follow the top-down instruction and every points carefully, and your device will be unlocked smoothly.

    Here is my flashing & unlocking logs:

    Writing: – Fastboot : Done
    Writing: – M3Boot_R11 : Done
    Writing: – M3Boot-ptable : Done
    Writing: – M3image_R11 : Done
    Writing: – DTS_R11 : Done
    Writing: – Kernel_R11 : Done
    Writing: – Modem_fw : Done
    Writing: – Nvdload_R11 : Done
    Writing: – Logo : Done
    Writing: – System : Done
    Writing: – App : Done
    Writing: – Oeminfo : Done
    Writing: – CDROMISO : Done
    Writing: – WEBUI : Done
    Flashing Completed Successfully

    Unlock Successfull………..

  4. The service was used, the program was successful, and the device was decrypted to work with all communication networks (ALL SIM)

  5. Thank you my Router is unlocked successfully.
    when I tried to change the web interface,
    I download the WebUI and run the setup file it asked to enter DATALOCK CODE
    what is the DATALOCK CODE?

    Thank you again.

    • Send the firmware details of your router by detecting it in the APP or by opening its web interface and going to the system information.

  6. I completed Pay 10 USD For Huawei Device

    IMEI NUMBER : 861721031xxxxxx
    Model Number : E5785Lh-92a
    Country & Network Operator : KSA & Zain

    pleas when I will get my code ?

  7. Thank you brother, I have unlocked my Zain E5785Lh-92a successfully & its working fine with the STC sim card .. and this current information
    Hardware version: CL3E5787SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

    The router immediately asking to update to the New version:
    shall I update or no? I’m afraid that maybe block again the router. could you advise, please?


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