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Unlock Zambia MTN E5573Cs-609

Zambia MTN E5573Cs-609 router having firmware version 21.318.05.00.366 and WebUI can now be unlocked using our unlocking APP. The below mentioned process should work with the MTN router of Zambia having lower firmware versions also. This specially designed unlocking APP will unlock your MTN E5573Cs-609 router without dismantling or opening the screws.

Download E5573Cs-609 APP

How to unlock Zambia MTN E5573Cs-609 – 21.318.05.00.366

Download and Install Drivers from here. If you are having issues in detecting the router in your computer, kindly visit the this link.

Download the Specially designed unlocking app for your MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609 router and open it. Go to User Login (Default username and password is unlockmyrouter).

MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609

Click on “Auto Detect Device” to display your Zambia MTN E5573Cs-609 router information.

Note: If you get the message connection failed or login failed, Download this file, extract and run it. It will enable the Com-Ports and will open Device Manager, check if there are two Com ports. If the ports are present, Click Login/Auto Detect. If you can’t see two ports, you have to fix the driver issue.

MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609

After successful detection, Choose Flash Firmware and click the submit button. It will ask you to enter a code. Type the code here, which you have received from unlockmyrouter team and click OK.

MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609

Your MTN E5573Cs-609 Huawei router will restart and the firmware installation process will start automatically.

MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609

Don’t interrupt for the firmware installation process and wait for the installation to finish.

MTN Zambia E5573Cs-609

Congratulations, your MTN E5573Cs-609 Zambia router is unlocked and is ready to work with any SIM card. Restart it to apply the new settings by choosing Restart Device option and click Submit.

MTN E5573Cs-609 Zambia

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the App Code to unlock your MTN E5573Cs-609 router. Kindly proceed only if you agree to pay the same.


  1. Thank you so much you are such a genius it worked.. however the USSD is not working after unlock how do I activate it.

  2. I have unlock it with the codes that I was given by you but it still can’t work with anther sim cards. what can I do?

  3. Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5573Cs-609
    IMEI : 861350038061146
    Serial : 0123456789ABCDEF
    Firmware : 21.329.63.00.284
    WebUI : WEBUI_17.
    Lock Status : 3
    Attempts Left : 0 out of 0

  4. Model : E5573Cs-609
    IMEI : 868502037684319
    Hardware version: CL1E5573CSM Ver.B
    Firmware : 21.318.05.00.366
    WebUI :
    IMSI : 630900500020677

      • Thanks tou you
        It’s unlocked but the SIM Card can’t get connected and the WEBUI doesn’t work more via USB

      • If you enter the correct IP address( in the WebUI and you have proper drivers installed it will definitely work. Reset the router and try.

  5. Information for my idea 4G LTE smart wifi hub is as follows:-
    Device name: E5573Cs-609
    IMEI: 861350031218826
    IMSI : Unknown
    Hardware version: CL1E5573CSM Ver.B
    Software version: 21.318.09.00.356
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: 44:6E:E5:DE:29:EE
    WAN IP Address: Unknown
    WAN IPv6 Address: Unknown


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