How to Unlock ZTE MF62 Router

Factory unlock code of ZTE MF62 is now available. It is so popular that it is sold by the network providers in locked status. To Unlock ZTE MF62 Router, you will have to enter the correct Unlock/NCK code. Once it is unlocked, it will work with any SIM in any part of the country and worldwide.

Unlock ZTE MF62 Router

How to Unlock ZTE MF62 Router

  1. Switch off your router and insert a non-acceptable Network SIM (i.e. if your router is locked to Network “A” then insert the sim of Network “B”) on your ZTE MF62 router.
  2. Switch ON the router after inserting the SIM in it.
  3. Now connect your router using a USB cable or establish a WiFi connection with your computer.
  4. Open “My Computer” and install the drivers from the virtual CD Rom if not installed already.
  5. The web browser should open automatically. If not, then open it manually and login to your device’s dashboard at or or depending on ZTE MF62 IP address.
  6. Type admin if prompt to enter the password.
  7. It should redirect you to the unlocking page automatically. If not, then go to Setting and search for the option to enter the Unlock/NCK code in your MiFi router.
  8. Enter the correct Unlock/NCK code received from and click OK, the ZTE router might reboot to display the new network.

The unlock/NCK code is not free. Place the order only if the router is asking to enter an unlock code after inserting an unsupported SIM.


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